Video 15 Jun

Shadows of Kings Anniversary Video (by Jack Whitsel)

Link 24 Jan Dragon Rising News and Updates»

Updates and News from the Dragon Rising Series - including the recent Award for best Fantasy in 2012.

Link 1 Nov Arnold Schwarzenegger is Back in The Legend of Conan»
Link 25 Oct Replay of Live Interview on "What's Write With Me»

Catch the replay of my Interview, where I discuss writing and the first book of my epic fantasy saga, SHADOWS OF KINGS

Link 16 Oct Book signing at Jan’s Paperbacks featuring Minnette Meador & Jack Whitsel | PRLog»
Link 16 Oct I just posted 'SHADOWS OF KINGS - Excerpt from Chapter 17' on Wattpad!»
Link 5 Sep Shadows of Kings - 2nd leg of the Blog Tour»

List of Sites for the Blog Tour

Link 21 Aug Savvy Authors - Writing - The Labor of Love by Jack Whitsel»
Link 29 Jun Shadows of Kings - What they are saying»

*** 5 star reviews coming in for SHADOWS OF KINGS.

"It has the creative elements of a Tolkien world with the more human, gritty and medieval elements of a George R.R. Martin book." - Customer Review

"What a great start for a series! Shadows of Kings is an excellently written, impressive first novel that will be savored by fans of fantasy." - Seattle PI

"If heart pounding intrique is what you want, this is the book." -The Story of a Writer

"Shadows of Kings has grit Martin would be proud of and magic equal to Sanderson" - Customer review



Link 20 Jun Lady Gaga: Beyond the Monster Ball»

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